“The moonlight looks good on you.”
— Elliot Fintry, Saving Elliot  (via teenager90s)

(via feellng)

My death will not change anything
I can hear the achromic landscape of the world
heaving a sigh—-
The ground is exhausted
and the pulse of the sky is palpable
Where I am, the earth is just here and there,
Yesterday’s a graveyard of the broken dreams
Tomorrow—-a bleak paroxysm of the void

This sorrow cannot mar the blissful flower,
nor put the seas on rage
They say they forgive you now for your sensitivity
My death will not change anything
Tell me,
What’s the use of all these sufferings

— "My Death Will Not Change Anything" (via fables-of-the-reconstruction)

(via libitina1885)